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Finn B-70S Straw Blower
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Used and Surplus Equipment and Machinery

If you are looking for used and surplus equipment and machinery, then you have come to the right place. The Surplus Equipment Exchange is an online marketplace for used and surplus equipment and machinery. Thousands of equipment buyers and sellers throughout the world visit the Surplus Equipment Exchange and browse the thousands of classified ads to find used and surplus equipment and machinery. Click on any of the listings to learn more about each item and to contact the seller.

Great Buys
Peterson BT40 Bark Blower and Truck
Finn T-120S Hydroseeder
Finn BB 5-Series Bark & Mulch Blower
2014 Case 2050M Dozier
2014 Finn T-120S Hydroseeder
Finn T-170 Hydroseeder
Bowie Imperial 1500 and International 4X4 Truck
Finn T-330 Hydroseeder and Peterbilt Truck

Featured Equipment
For Sale
Finn B-260 Straw Blower 
For Sale
Big Bale Straw Blower 
For Sale
Finn B-260 Straw Blower 
For Sale
Finn T-75 Hydroseeder 
Finn T-60 Hydroseeder 
For Sale
Finn T-30 Hydroseeder and 18 ft. Trailer 
For Sale
Finn T-330 Hydroseeder and International Truck 
For Sale
FX Silt Sock Skid Steer Attachment 
For Sale
Finn T-170 Hydroseeder and Ford 650 Truck 
For Sale
Finn B-70 Straw Blower 
Finn T-30 Hydroseeder (300 gallons) 
For Sale
Reinco M65SS Straw Blower 
Finn BB-1216 Bark Blower  
Finn T-330 Hydroseeder and Mack Truck 
For Sale
KWMI 4826D Track Sod Installer 
For Sale
Wheel Sod Installer 
For Sale
Easy Lawn C125 Hydroseeder 
1996 Bowie Imperial 1500 and 1990 BMY 6X6 Truck 
For Sale
Dump Truck - Ford F-650 XLT 
For Sale
Finn T-60 Hydroseeder with ONLY 365 Hours 


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